About Us

What We Do

MarketPlace Insight provides intelligence and market and competitive data to the firearms and outdoors industry.  We help firearms manufacturers, distributors and dealers use data to more effectively manage their businesses.

Our data comes from GunBroker.com, the largest online marketplace for buying and selling firearms and related outdoor gear.

We are unique in the market for the following reasons:

  • Competitive Data – we are the only offering, to our knowledge, that highlights competitive trends and gives you detailed insights into your competitors offerings and market performance
  • Consumer Data – our data shows sell-through all the way to the end consumer providing the most accurate view of what consumers want and prices they will pay; most other data providers stop just at the distributor or dealer level.
  • Real-time Data – our data is updated daily and allows you to make accurate decisions with updated trends and insights
  • Big Data – our data spans every manufacturer and category in the firearms industry, with thousands of transactions occurring per month; we represent between 5-10% of all firearms transactions in the United States

Our Team

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MarketPlace Insight is headed by Ryan Nokes, a data analytics and business intelligence veteran with experience in multiple industries.  Ryan was an early adopter of visual analytics software and is the author of “Tableau Like a Pro: Using Tableau to Expertly Analyze Your Data.”

The MarketPlace Insight team works closely with the data scientists, data warehousing and data management teams at GunBroker to deliver world class analytics offerings to the outdoors industry.