Spring Doldrums for Gun Brands, but Industry Generally Shows Improvement over Q2 2015

(Marketplace Insight, LLC. — August 10, 2016) Raleigh, North Carolina — August 10, 2016)

June 2016 – Every year Q2 sales slump compared to Q1 as an industry whole.  These seasonal sales cycles can have major impacts on your operation.  Managing production cycles and inventory, forecasting demand and the needed staff to meet the demand, and ensuring there is enough cash on hand in the lean months, are challenges as we wrap up Q2 and prepare for the busier months in the fall and winter .

Looking at industry-wide data from GunBroker.com for new firearms, demand is forecasted to drop around 21% this quarter.  Interestingly, gun sales do spike on Mother’s Day, but otherwise, remain down compared to other months in the year.

Q2 Sales down

However, comparing Q2 ’16 trends to Q2 ‘15 (excluding June from both for accurate comparisons), not everyone is experiencing the slump, or are experiencing it to varying degrees.  Our data shows that some brands are down while others are up.  In fact, several brands have seen large improvements over Q2’15, which is offsetting the reductions seen by other brands.

Brands Up vs. Down Q2

Handguns are the key driver of the improvement over Q2 ’15, though as shown above, big gains by some are offsetting large losses by others.  Knowing how your individual brand is performing relative to the industry and key competitors is essential to ensuring the quarter finishes according to expectation.

Q2 Category Drivers

MarketPlace Insight, the leading data and analytics in the outdoors and firearms space, tracks sales and unit data like this on a daily basis.  “We strive to determine the causes and impacts of changes in demand and seasonal fluctuations,” said Ryan Nokes, Director of MarketPlace Insight.  “To do that, we look at pricing trends and competitive market share information, happenings in the news, as well as correlate the impact of other seasonal events, like holidays and hunting season, on firearms demand.  We then help our partners craft strategies to minimize the impact of slumps and capitalize on growth trends.”

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