Not Your Typical Mother’s Day Gift: Gun Sales Spike on Mother’s Day

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Happy Mother's Day GunWhile Mother’s Day is typically associated with flowers, chocolate and brunch, not everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.  According to MarketPlace Insight, the leading outdoors and shooting sports data consultancy, gun sales spike every year on Mother’s Day.

Google searches for Mother’s Day in the past 30 days shows an exponential growth as we get nearer the date and guys everywhere start to wonder what to get mom or their wives or girlfriends.  Yet Google search trends also show rising interest in firearms.

Google Searches Mothers Day and Guns

As the month progresses towards that Sunday, gun sales tend to decrease, and then spike on the big day.  The reasons for this are a mystery.  Perhaps after procrastinating until the last minute, if you’re like most guys, you’re frantically trying to decide what to get your wife, mom, or other important female in your life.  Flowers seem cliché – and guns are way cooler than flowers anyways – so why not get her the “perfect” gift.  Or perhaps guys know they will be in the doghouse for forgetting to get a gift, and the thought of a little extra firepower is a nice consolation prize.  Or perhaps it was just a long day with the in-laws and now it’s high time to get a new gun.

Mothers Day Gun Sales

Regardless of the reason, the buyers aren’t coming from the West or the South, areas you might typically associate with high gun ownership and card carrying NRA members.  Guns for moms are getting purchased in major metropolitan areas like Houston and Cincinnati.  But they are also getting purchased in small cities in the Midwest, like Frankfort, Indiana, population 16,422, meaning the number of guns per capita being purchased is exceedingly high.

Mothers Day Gun Sales by City

If flowers or chocolates seem like so last year, perhaps a bolt action rifle or a Colt pistol or a concealable Springfield XD-S are the way to go.  But, if you still need to get chocolates to avoid the dog house, you can seal the deal with these from

Chocolate Guns

But hurry, because they’re going fast:

Sold out Chocolate Guns

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