Holiday Destinations for Younger Couples

Many new holiday destinations cater to a younger crowd. Here is a list of some better destinations for the young, and young at heart.

Holiday Destinations

( — August 17, 2016) — As a young couple you surely expect a lot from the holiday since you want to have fun and truly enjoy the love that you have for each other. You will have to think about so many other things than other people and the truth is that the most common romantic travel destinations of the world are not those that you want to visit. If you really want to have the best possible time on your vacation, here are some tremendous recommendations, based on the statistics gathered by


This is wonderful for the young couples that have financial problems. North Devon has so many cottages that you can rent for really low prices, offering relaxation and a lot of fun. There are many beaches you will visit and since you visit, make sure that you also consider surfing. The romantic side is guaranteed by a cozy cottage with warm fires.


Out of all the countries you could visit in the Caribbean, Barbados is considered as being the most beautiful. It can even be considered by poker players that want tropical vacations. It is not at all difficult to find some secluded beaches you can visit and the culture is really welcoming. Young couples that want to enjoy a truly laid-back ambience will surely love Barbados. However, there are also some adrenaline filled activities available so you can choose what you love to do.


Rome is definitely an exciting city, one that will be appreciated by young couples that visit Europe. A couple will be able to explore so many wonderful locations like Vatican City or Roman ancient remains. The food is really good and the atmosphere is really laid-back. To make matters even more interesting, nightlife is diverse and exciting. A simple trip to the fountains of the city can be really romantic and the parks will only make everything better.

Cape Verde

Couple breaks in Cape Verde will offer the subtropical weather you surely want and many warm waters that will complement the sandy beaches. All the islands have stunning landscapes and younger couples will surely love the party atmosphere. Cape Verde is a wonderful escape for couples that will offer luxury and a lot of pampering.


This is one of the travel destinations that are considered by most couples looking for something exotic. The destination is definitely a popular one for those looking for family fun and partying. Because of this, it might be seen by many as not being wonderful for the couples but that is definitely not the case. Tenerife is included in most lists of recommendations as there is something to be done for everyone. Younger couples will want to spend days sightseeing, have fun at the gym and most likely party during the nights.


Last but not least, Paris is always a wonderful destination for young couples. Everything in this city is romantic and if you want to celebrate love, few cities offer what Paris does. You will want to visit the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and experience the pastries in France’s capital.